Why Having Food Handlers’ & TABC Certification in Houston Is Helpful

Why Having Food Handlers’ & TABC Certification in Houston Is Helpful

Waitress Gets Texas Food Handlers Card and TABC Certification in Houston

If you’ve been applying for food and beverage service industry jobs in Houston, Texas, you might have noted a requirement from many employers for TABC and food handlers’ certificates. While you might have ample experience in the industry, many employers can overlook experience in favor of education and certification.

But why is having food handlers and TABC permits in Houston helpful? Why are Texas businesses making it a requirement? Often, it’s for some of the following reasons.


TABC Certification Can Offer Legal Protection

TABC certification with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is not legally required. Still, many employers request it of their team because it can sometimes offer legal protection, known as Safe Harbor.

The TABC is the stage agency regulating Texas’s alcohol beverage industry and is responsible for issuing alcohol licenses and permits. If an employee accidentally sells alcohol to minors or intoxicated people, the TABC is less likely to revoke the employer’s license if the employee is TABC-certified.

That’s not to say that the employee won’t get in trouble, however. Employees can still be arrested, charged, and even sued for serving alcohol to minors and intoxicated people.


Food Handlers Certification Is a Legal Requirement

Having a food handlers’ certificate in Houston, Texas, is helpful because it’s a legal requirement. If you want to work in the food and beverage industry, you must have it!

According to the Texas Department of State Health Services, all food employees must complete an accredited food handler training course within 30 days of employment under Texas Food Establishment Rules. A food employee can be defined as anyone working with unpackaged food, food utensils, food equipment, or food-contact surfaces.

However, you can be exempt from undertaking a food handlers’ certificate course if you’re a certified food manager, a temporary food establishment in DSHS jurisdiction, or you only serve pre-packaged food.


Easier to Secure Employment

You might find it challenging to secure employment in the food and beverage service industry in Houston, Texas if you don’t have TABC certification or a food handlers’ certificate. Employers generally prioritize job applicants with adequate education in these areas and appropriate credentials to perform their job to a high standard.

If an employer doesn’t need to organize for you to obtain your certification, they might see you as a more desirable job prospect than someone who hasn’t yet undertaken the affordable online courses.


You Keep Your Patrons Safer

There is more to working in the food and beverage service industry than simply serving alcohol and food. You must be knowledgeable in food safety practices to reduce the risk of food poisoning that claims countless lives annually. You must also understand how to spot the signs of intoxication and fake IDs. Having food handlers and TABC certifications can undoubtedly assist in helping you keep your patrons safe.

When you undertake a food handlers course, you can receive education on a variety of subjects, such as:

  • Cross-contamination
  • Temperature control
  • Hygiene
  • Foodborne illnesses
  • Safe food storage
  • And more…

Completing a TABC certification course can be just as crucial for keeping patrons safe, especially since you learn:

  • Important alcohol laws
  • How to detect minors
  • How to recognize fake and legitimate identification
  • How to spot the signs of intoxication
  • How to intervene and monitor behaviors
  • And more…


Claim Your Food Handlers’ and TABC Certification Bundle Deal With TABC Pronto

The helpfulness of having food handlers and TABC certifications in Houston, Texas, might not be immediately apparent. However, when you learn that it can protect employers and patrons and make your job search easier, you might realize it’s incredibly valuable.


If you’re getting ready to apply for jobs in the food and beverage service industry, now might be the right time to explore your education options. Purchase a food handlers’ and TABC certification bundle deal through TABC Pronto to save money, time, and stress.