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TABC Pronto is designed to have the fastest TABC and Texas Food Handler courses allowed by law. 100% approved and no timers.

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Approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and TX DSHS to be an official provider of online certifications.


At only 14.99 we are the cheapest TABC and Texas Food Handler certifications bundle online. You only need one site!

Why Choose TABC Pronto?

TABC Pronto is not only approved by both the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), but we’re proud of providing the fastest courses allowed by law. Not only do we provide online TABC certifications and Texas Food Handlers Cards, but we provide content resources for those working in the service industry.

Most restaurants and bars in Texas that serve both food and alcohol want their servers and bartenders to have both their TABC certification and their food handlers permit. This is why TABC Pronto provides both. We also offer special bundle pricing of only $14.99 when you need both certifications. We’re not here to break the bank, we just want to provide the best user experience possible. Our goal is to be your one stop shop to being a certified server in Texas.

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Our Values

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We are more than just a certification course provider. We aim to make the service industry as a whole a better environment.

Fast courses that are still in depth

We provide content as a resource

Our online certifications are cheap

We provide course bundles

Who We Are

The idea of TABC Pronto was started by a collective group of individuals who have worked in and around the service industry for years. With input from people at every position from bar owners, restaurant managers, servers, bartenders, bar backs, promoters, and more, TABC Pronto has been able to construct the most streamlined online TABC and Texas food handlers certification courses available.

Along with providing online TABC certifications and Texas food handlers cards, TABC Pronto still communicates regularly with service industry staff to help us stay up to date with the current state of the industry. This helps us provide content as a resource to help others stay current as well.

100% Online

Anyone that has worked in the service industry knows schedules can get crazy and extra time can be scarce, which is why most people in the industry don’t have time to set a day aside to book an in-class certification course. This is why TABC Pronto provides everything 100% online!

Whether you’re in need of a TABC certification or a Texas food handlers license, we’ve got you covered. We ensure that our courses are the fastest allowed by law as well as ensuring that they all work on mobile devices.

Quality Assurance

At TABC Pronto, providing quality information and a quality experience are of upmost importance. We have designed our online certification courses to be seamless on any device as well as to be cheap. We want to ensure that whether you are an employer or employee of an on premise or off premise location, that we provide you with the information you need to be successful. Part of our quest for quality assurance is the content we provide outside our courses. The food handling and alcoholic sales industries is one that is constantly full of challenges. We aim to help employers and employees alike to understand and navigate these challenges.

Online Certifications



TABC Certification
Get TABC Certified online.

Bartender Pouring Beer - Online TABC Training

100% Approved by TABC. 100% FAST and guaranteed.


Texas Food Handlers Card
Get your Texas food handlers card online.

Female Server With Texas Food Handlers Card

100% Approved by the Texas State Board of Food Handlers.


TABC + Food Handlers Card
Get TABC Certified and your food handlers card.

TABC & Food Handlers Certification To Serve Beer & Burgers

Bundle discount the TABC certification and a Texas food handlers card.


Our course is fast, has no quizzes and no test, and is approved by TXDSHS! Obtaining a food handler permit for Texas through our online course will provide you with the necessary information needed to practice good food safety procedures.


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