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TABC Certification Online

The hospitality industry is growing at a rapid rate, which means there are ample job opportunities available for those throughout Texas and the United States who have a passion for people and taking care of their dining needs.

However, there is one thing that can make you shine above other job applicants in a bartending, serving, catering, or restaurant position, and that’s being TABC Certified. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a TABC license, read on to learn why it might be time to get your TABC certification online, the benefits of doing so, and who can offer it.

What is a TABC Certification?

TABC stands for Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, which is a state agency responsible for taxing, inspecting, and regulating alcoholic beverages in the state of Texas.

The TABC believes that those who sell and serve alcohol could benefit from an approved TABC seller training certification course. Such a course can offer helpful techniques for identifying intoxicated individuals, as well as relevant information on Texas law relating to the sale and service of alcohol.

The certificate, via an online course through approved trainers such as TABC Pronto, is supported and approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission and requires a small amount of studying before undertaking a final exam.

How Can You Get Your TABC Permit Online?

Whether you wish to make your resume look more appealing to potential employers, or you’re now in a position that requires it, you may be wondering how to get your TABC certificate online. Fortunately, it’s straightforward.

TABC Pronto offers one of the fastest, yet most thorough, courses approved by the TABC – and it’s all online. There are no timers, and the final exam offers multiple-choice questions. Once you complete the course, you can print your certificate, which is valid for two years.

Alongside the TABC course and exam, TABC Pronto offers all the information you require to undertake the test with confidence.

Once you become certified, you can even look at other certifications offered by TABC Pronto that might help boost your service industry career prospects. An online Texas Food Handlers Card is a worthwhile offering. You can even get utilize our TABC and Food Handlers Bundle!

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What’s Involved in Getting Your TABC Certificate?

There are four modules and a final exam involved in the certification process with TABC Pronto, as approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Once you study the information in each module, there will be five state-required questions to answer. You must answer four out of five, at a minimum, correctly. There is then a final exam at the end with a state law-required 70 percent pass rate. The modules within the TABC certificate are outlined on the right.


TABC Seller-Server Training Overview

This section runs through the training processes and TABC requirements and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.


Minors and Alcohol Sales

Learn about alcohol laws relating to minors and how to detect them. This module also covers how to recognize both proper and fake identification and intervention of minors. This module will take about an hour to complete.


Intoxicated Persons and Alcohol Sales

Learn the definition of intoxication, how to detect it, and the laws surrounding intoxicated people. You will also learn how to intervene and monitor customer behavior. This module will take around a half an hour to complete.


Other Permits

If you wish to further your career and advance in the food and beverage industry, then this five-minute module outlines other permits that may be of value to you, such as the Texas Food Handlers Certificate.

Who Should Get a TABC Certification?

Anyone who works in a restaurant or catering environment, which involves selling, serving, dispensing, and delivering alcohol, should look at getting their certificate through approved trainers like TABC Pronto. The recommendation from TABC also extends to managers, directors, supervisors, and business owners who are in charge of those selling, serving, dispensing, and delivering alcohol.

Why Should I Get a TABC Permit?

Aside from the competitive price tag of $9.99 through TABC Pronto, there are many other benefits you may experience after getting your certificate.

In a pool of job applicants for a position serving alcohol, the one with the certificate can often look far more desirable than those without it.

TABC certification is not a legal requirement to serve alcohol, but it does offer a unique set of skills that can provide you with the upper hand in a service position.

Those who get their TABC certification online can also revel in the knowledge that they are an upstanding and responsible member of their community. With information surrounding criminal and civil liability, you will have an understanding of when it is no longer safe to serve a customer alcohol.

You will also learn about your liability in such a position, and how to protect yourself and your employer if criminal charges are filed against you regarding the service of alcohol.

I Have My TABC Certificate, What Next?

You’ve put in the hard yards, and now you’ve got a certificate to prove it. Congratulations!

Now, you get to enjoy all kinds of benefits. You should now have a firm understanding of Texas alcohol laws, and how to manage both minors and intoxicated patrons.

With an understanding of the law and guidelines, you may also now be more aware of how to stay within the limits of that law and those guidelines. What’s more, as the TABC has the power to take administrative action against your venue’s liquor license, your certification will act as a form of protection to your employer, known as the Safe Harbor Act.

The Safe Harbor Act means that the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission will not take action against your employer’s liquor license as long as the alcohol seller is not a company officer or owner. It also means that all employees must have their TABC certification within 30 days of their hire date, and the employer does not encourage their employees to violate the law.

Each employer should also have written policies for serving alcohol responsibly, and employees should have read and understood these policies. The Safe Harbor Act Also Protects against TABC action as long as you have three or fewer violations in 12 months. Employers may want to set up an employer TABC account to help ensure they protect themselves.

I’m Ready to Get TABC Certified

Well, you’re in the right place!

There’s no better time than now to boost your career prospects and gain the education you need to serve and sell alcohol safely and within the confines of Texan law. TABC Pronto offers a fast, easy, affordable, and approved certification process that can be of great benefit to those in the hospitality and service industry.

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