June 2021 - TABC Pronto
Scientist Checking Bacteria on Food For Recall

How to Manage a Food Recall in Your Restaurant

Food recalls involve food producers removing a product from the market when there’s a risk of harming consumers. It can be a voluntary recall by a supplier or one requested by government agencies. Typically, food recalls can happen for a number of reasons, but some are more common than others. For example, a product may […]
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Texas Food Handler Serving Apetizers With A Face Mask

Dangerous Food Safety Mistakes Food Industry Employees Should Avoid

Most people don’t set out to handle food dangerously. That goes for both home cooks and industry professionals. However, several dangerous practices are commonplace and can actually lead to foodborne illnesses. Fortunately, the more knowledgeable you are regarding food safety, the fewer potentially harmful mistakes you can make. After you undertake an online Texas food […]
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