July 2021 - TABC Pronto
Waiter Wearing a Mask And Glove Is Being Hygienic

Shining the Spotlight on Server Personal Hygiene

All industries require a different level of personal care, depending on whether you’re working with people, food, or even in the great outdoors. However, one industry that requires attention to detail to keep others safe is the hospitality and foodservice industry. Whether you’re about to sit for your online Texas food handlers safety course or you’re […]
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Waiter Double Washing Hands Because Of Proper Texas Food Handler Safety Training

Double Handwashing in the Food Service Industry

Most food service workers understand the importance of washing their hands between tasks. When moving from taking out the trash to handling food, you must wash your hands to reduce the risk of contamination and possible foodborne illnesses. However, not all food service workers are aware of the concept of double handwashing. What is it, […]
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Texas Chef Cutting Beef On Cutting Board

Best Ways to Clean and Sanitize Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are the topic of many food safety-related conversations. They also feature frequently in an online Texas Food Handler Card course content. This is because how you care for a cutting board can dictate whether you have caused cross-contamination in your kitchen and if someone gets food poisoning or not. There can be a […]
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Food Handler In Texas Reheating Food

Reheating Food Safely in the Hospitality Industry

Many foods cooked in advance in the service industry are not all used at once. Large cuts of meat, sauces, gravies, soups, and more, can all be prepared in bulk and in advance to allow for fast service as customers require them. However, as convenient as reheating food can be, it can also be dangerous […]
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