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Food Preparer Has Texas Food Handlers Permit

5 Most Common Food Safety Myths

Many people enter the food industry with preconceived ideas about food safety. You might have learned cooking techniques from friends or family or read tips and tricks on the internet. While the internet is an excellent source of information, not everything you read about food preparation and food safety will be entirely accurate. While you […]
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Waitress Gets Texas Food Handlers Card and TABC Certification in Houston

Why Having Food Handlers’ & TABC Certification in Houston Is Helpful

If you’ve been applying for food and beverage service industry jobs in Houston, Texas, you might have noted a requirement from many employers for TABC and food handlers’ certificates. While you might have ample experience in the industry, many employers can overlook experience in favor of education and certification. But why is having food handlers […]
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Dallas Bartender Got TABC Certification & Texas Food Handlers Card

Why Dallas Seller/Servers Need TABC & Food Handlers Certifications

Qualifications and certifications are legal requirements and employer requirements of many jobs, and seller/server jobs are no different. Many hospitality businesses might require their seller/servers to obtain not only their TABC permit but also their food handlers certification.   But why are Dallas seller/servers required to have them? Can you not hire people based on […]
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Bartender With TABC Permit Helping Drunk Patron

How to Spot Intoxication in Bar Patrons

When you’re a busy bar worker doing your best to provide high-quality service, you might not always pick up on the signs of intoxication. This can be especially true if you haven’t undertaken the TABC permit course that provides helpful information on how to identify intoxication in bar patrons. Spotting intoxication can be crucial for […]
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