September 2022 - TABC Pronto
Bartender Finds Out Who Needs A TABC Permit In Texas

What Is A TABC Certification and Who Needs One?

If you’ve been browsing through hospitality job listings in Texas, you might have seen mention of employers requiring their employees to have TABC certification. If you’ve never worked in the hospitality industry before, you might not be familiar with what this certification is, whether you need it, and how hard it is to get it. […]
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TABC Private Club In Texas

What Is Considered A Private Club By The TABC?

A private club is an association for people who come together for a common purpose. The laws allow such clubs to serve alcohol to members, even in a ‘dry’ area, if they obtain a private club permit from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). Many clubs receive their private club registration permit to operate in […]
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Bar Manager Having Bartender Renew TABC Certification Online Fast

How Long Is Your TABC Certification Valid?

TABC certification is a form of proof for having completed an approved TABC certification program to sell and serve alcohol in the state of Texas. The TABC, also known as the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission, actively encourages business owners to require their staff to have their TABC certification to reap the many rewards. However, many […]
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