Bulk Texas Food Handler Cards & TABC Certifications For Employers

Employer Account

Don’t let the lack of employee TABC or food handlers training be the downfall of your business!

While you as a business owner or manager might not see it as a major issue, legal problems could arise that leave the business owner at fault in the eyes of the law if your employees don’t have certain certifications. In 2016, Texas mandated that all employees who prepare, store, or serve food, within the state must have a valid Texas Food Handlers Card.

While, not mandated by law, employers should also require anyone that handles alcohol to be TABC certified as well. If a handler of alcohol doesn’t have a valid TABC certification the liability falls back on the business owner. Don’t take the chance and let TABC Pronto help get your employees certified. Fill out the form below to find out if we can get you a group discount for your company.

Employer Account Benefits

It’s crucial to have employees that abide by the rules set forth by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission as well as the Texas Department of State Health Services. Part of ensuring this comes with confirming your employees have their food handlers and TABC certifications. With an employer account through TABC Pronto you can not only get bulk discount pricing for both online certification courses, the account will allow you track the status’ of your employees’ certifications. Remember, ensuring your employees have these certifications helps remove certain risks and liabilities from the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Our system will allow you to update your current employee roster and you will be notified when someone’s certifications are coming close to their expiration dates. These tools make it easier for an owner or manager to keep the focus on the business at hand while knowing their employees are certified.

Keep Track of Employee Food Handlers and TABC Certifications

At TABC Pronto we understand your employees are busy. That’s why we created online courses for TABC and food handlers certifications that are the fastest allowed by law. We don’t want to waste any of your employees’ time, we just provide comprehensive course material for them learn the best processes for keeping both patrons and the business safe. Don’t ever leave the fate of your business up to chance. By keeping track of your employees with an employer account, you’ll be able to monitor those who work for you and make certain they have taken the necessary steps to comply with state laws. Being a business owner or manager means you’re quite busy, which means some things could easily fall through the cracks. Taking an employee’s word for it that they’re certified means you could be opening your business to major risks. Our easy to use employer accounts come with designated account rep and employee tracking to make your job easier. Contact us today for more information!

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