March 2021 - TABC Pronto
Person Gets Food Poisoning From Pathogens

How Food Handlers Can Identify Pathogens

One of the many things you learn about when entering the food industry and studying for your Texas food handlers card is foodborne pathogens. Foodborne pathogens are not always harmful to customers, but they can be when appropriate steps aren’t taken during food handling, cooking, and storage. So, how can food handlers identify pathogens? The […]
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Chef prepares steak with the reight temperature.

Working with Food? Here’s What You Need to Know About Temperature Control

One of the essential principles of food safety in the foodservice industry is temperature control. By controlling the temperature of all food you will be preparing and serving to customers, you’re ensuring that it’s safe for consumption. Failure to monitor food temperatures closely can result in foodborne illness outbreaks that lead to fines, lawsuits, and […]
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Restaurant Worker Washing Dishes Knows What Cannot Be Used To Dry Utensils

What Cannot Be Used To Dry Utensils?

One of the most commonly asked questions among food handlers studying to receive their food handlers certificate in Texas is, ‘what cannot be used to dry utensils?’ It’s strange, isn’t it? You wash and dry your dishes at home with relative ease, but now you’ve got to learn about the ins and outs of appropriate […]
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