Why TABC Pronto? Fast Online TABC & Food Handling Courses

Why TABC Pronto

TABC Pronto was started by individuals looking to make getting certified easier for servers in Texas.

We understand that being a server or bartender can come with lots of hours as well as irregular schedules. This can make it difficult to find extra time, even for important things like renewing your TABC certification or Texas food handlers card. Our online TABC and food handlers certification courses are meant to be fast for people on the go!

To ensure ease of use, we’ve made our online certification courses for both TABC and Texas food handlers available on both desktop and mobile devices. The course includes audio so you can listen even when you’re on the move. We’re not just called TABC Pronto, our TABC certification course is the fastest allowed by law and isn’t timed so you can complete it pronto! Our food handlers course is also quick, and it does not include a final exam.

We aim to help service industry employees by making the online certification process as user friendly as possible.
Don’t have time to sit at a computer for hours? No worries, all our courses work on mobile devices.
We know your time is valuable. That’s why our online TABC certification course is the fastest allowed by law!

We Set Servers Up For Success

At TABC Pronto, we aim to provide more than just certifications a server or bartender needs to show their employer. We want to educate individuals on proper food handling and alcohol serving tactics. This not only helps protect the people who are being served, but also helps protect the server themselves. This is why all of our courses are meant to be comprehended as easily as possible.

We also do not want to be seen as just an online certification provider. We want to be a full resource for servers and bartenders throughout the service industry. Just because an individual has acquired their Texas food handlers card or TABC certification doesn’t mean there’s nothing left to learn. This is why we provide blogs and videos regularly regarding proper bartending and serving practices.


DSHS & TABC Approved

TABC Pronto has gone through the rigorous process of becoming an online alcohol seller training provider approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). This allows us to ensure all our courses are up to date and provide the most accurate information. You can trust that we are a resource you can trust.

We are also approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services (TXDSHS) to provide online Texas food handler’s cards. We keep our course up to date as possible as we want to ensure that the individuals who take our online food handlers certification course can return to their employers prepared. TABC Pronto is a name that both severs and employers can trust.


Get Your Certificate Immediately

Is your employer breathing down your back because you don’t have a TABC or food handlers certification or they’ve expired? At TABC Pronto we know things happen and even important things can slip through the cracks. This is why our online certification courses provide your certificate as soon as you complete the course.

As we said, we know your life is busy. That’s why we also ensure to send a reminder email as your certifications are nearing their expirations. Two years might seem like a long time, but it goes by faster than you think. This is why we make it easy to just log back in to your account and reenroll for either the TABC certification or the Texas food handlers card. Our courses are meant to get you certified pronto!


Choose Our Food Handlers License Course Like Countless Others Have!

Our course is fast, has no quizzes and no test, and is approved by TXDSHS! Obtaining a food handler permit for Texas through our online course will provide you with the necessary information needed to practice good food safety procedures.