April 2021 - TABC Pronto
Woman In Restaurant With Food Poisoning

What Are the Symptoms of Food Poisoning?

When you start studying for a food handlers card in Texas, you learn all about how to make sure you’re serving safe food to your customers. Simple measures can go a long way to making sure you’re reducing the risk of food borne pathogens causing food poisoning. However, if the worst should happen and something […]
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Waitress With Food Needs Texas Food Handlers Card

Can A Food Handler Taste Food to Adjust Seasoning?

Before or during your research for a Texas Food Handlers Permit, you may have wondered whether a food handler can taste food to adjust seasoning. Given that bacteria and germs being transferred from people to food is a risky business, it might seem like you can’t taste food to make sure it’s ready for service. […]
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Chef Washing Hands In Texas Restaurant

When Must A Food Handler Wash Their Hands?

If we were going to answer the commonly asked question of when must a food handler wash their hands in simple terms, we’d just say all the time. But as you will learn when undertaking the task to gain a Texas food handlers certification, some times are certainly more critical for hand washing than others. […]
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