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How TABC Certification Can Help You Serve Alcohol Safely

Waitress With TABC Certification Serves Customers

TABC certification is not a legal requirement for people serving alcohol in Texas bars, restaurants, and liquor stores. Knowing that certification takes time and money, you might not be eager to get it.

Alongside TABC certification being affordable, fast, and 100% online, it can also help you serve alcohol safely for your and your business owner’s peace of mind. If you’re not yet convinced that you need to obtain your TABC certification, here are a few of the many benefits you might experience by doing so.


Identifying Minors

The legal drinking age in Texas is 21, which means you’re breaking the law if you attempt to purchase alcohol under that age. Any minor caught buying, trying to buy, possessing, or drinking alcohol in public might face a Class C misdemeanor, which might come with a fine of up to $500, compulsory attendance of an alcohol awareness class, up to 40 hours of community service, and a loss of license up to 180 days.

However, the repercussions aren’t just for minors. If your job involves the sale or service of alcohol, TABC certification provides you with helpful information on how to avoid serving minors. This can be crucial given the repercussions of selling to a minor, which is a Class A misdemeanor that can come with a fine of up to $4,000 and a possible jail sentence of up to one year.

When you undertake the TABC certification, you can learn all about the best ways to identify minors, such as performing thorough ID checks and utilizing band or stamp systems to be aware of minors in busy family restaurants and bars.


Identifying Fake ID

It’s easy to deny service to a minor if they don’t present ID and look under the age of 21. However, not everyone knows what to do if someone they’re serving doesn’t look 21 and has an ID that might be fake.

TABC certification provides insight into what to look for when you suspect an ID is fake. Legitimate IDs have features like a fine-line pattern in the background, a transparent license picture behind their personal information, images appearing when held to the light, and laser-embossed data or photos.

You might be able to identify a fake ID by square or ragged edges, bumps or air pockets in laminated IDs, misspellings, and peeling. However, borrowed IDs are also a common way for underage people to purchase alcohol. Look for discrepancies between the ID photo and the person standing in front of you and ensure the license hasn’t expired and is valid.

If you’re unsure whether an ID is fake or not, discuss alcohol service with your manager. If you suspect the ID is fake, borrowed, or altered in any way, you are within your rights to refuse service.


Serving Food With Alcohol

It’s illegal to serve alcohol to intoxicated customers. The TABC certification teaches you about the importance of encouraging people to purchase appetizers and meals with their alcohol, especially as it slows down the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream. If you do sell food along with alcohol you should acquire a TABC and food handlers bundle.


Not Serving Alcohol to Intoxicated Customers

There can be severe repercussions associated with serving intoxicated patrons, such as the Dram Shop Act. This act makes alcohol-serving businesses potentially liable for someone’s injuries sustained at the hands of a patron or guest served alcohol by your establishment.

As a result, all alcohol-serving staff must understand what an intoxicated patron looks like to avoid serving them alcohol. Fortunately, you can learn valuable information about spotting intoxication within the TABC certification course.

Among the most common are speech changes, balance problems, coordination challenges, and changes in behavior. If you identify such changes, you can take several approaches, such as slowing down service, offering food, and suggesting non-alcoholic beverages.


Serve Alcohol Safely With TABC Pronto

TABC certification might not be a legal requirement, but it’s a highly desirable certificate with most alcohol-serving establishments in Texas. If you want to provide safe service for your patrons, now might be the right time to enroll in a TABC certification with TABC Pronto. This 100% online course is fast, easy to understand, and affordable. Enroll today!