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How Having a TABC Certification in Austin Is Beneficial

2 Bartenders in Austin TX Need TABC Certifications

Realizing you’ll need to undertake a course to be considered for a food and beverage service job in Austin and other parts of Texas can be frustrating. However, being the best server you can be in a bar, restaurant, café, or another alcohol-selling establishment can often require further education.

Fortunately, obtaining your TABC certification in Austin is a fast and stress-free process. You might also enjoy some of the following benefits.


Employer Protection

While a TABC certification in Austin and other parts of Texas is not a legal requirement, it’s typically an employer requirement. An employer with TABC-certified staff might enjoy a level of protection called Safe Harbor. This means that if an employee sells or serves alcohol to a minor or an intoxicated person, their employer might be protected from a violation as long as particular standards are met.

Even if a seller/server is punished for an illegal sale or another prohibited act, the retailer can often retain their permit or license and be protected from TABC administrative action.


Better Employment Opportunities

The job market is typically competitive, especially in college towns, with students seeking flexible work opportunities around their studies. If you want to stand out from other job applicants, being TABC-certified can undoubtedly help.

If you already have a valid TABC permit, you’re already possibly more educated on alcohol sales and service than someone who doesn’t have theirs. Once you have your certification, it’s valid for two years before you must complete the same fast, online, and straightforward program again.


Valuable Information Relevant to Your Job

As being TABC certified is not a legal requirement, you might be wondering why it would be of value to you. The certification program contains a plethora of helpful information to serve you well in daily work when selling and serving alcohol to your patrons.

There are four well-designed modules in the TABC certification program:

  • TABC seller-server training overview
  • Minors and alcohol sales
  • Intoxicated persons and alcohol sales
  • Other permits


TABC Seller-Server Training Overview

The TABC seller-server training overview is a 25-minute module on training processes and TABC requirements. This module sets the scene for alcohol service and the expectations of the TABC.


Minors and Alcohol Sales

Underage sales and service of alcohol to minors is a significant problem, which is why this hour-long module is crucial within the TABC certification program. In the module, you learn about the laws relating to alcohol and minors and how to detect minors trying to buy alcohol, identify legitimate and fake IDs, and intervene when minors attempt to purchase or be served alcohol.


Intoxicated Persons and Alcohol Sales

Alcohol consumption can lead to intoxication, which can cause problems for any establishment. The TABC certification program incorporates a 30-minute module detailing what intoxication is, how to detect it, the laws surrounding intoxicated people, and how to monitor your patrons and intervene where necessary.


Other Permits

The final module of the TABC certification course involves other permits that might be of value to you when seeking employment in the food and beverage industry. This module is only five minutes long and might enhance your future job prospects when you find other courses worth exploring, such as the Texas Food Handlers Certification course.


Get Your TABC Certification With TABC Pronto Today

Obtaining your TABC certificate can provide many surprising benefits, such as employer and employee confidence, education to improve your serving skills, and better job opportunities. Is now the right time to explore your study options?


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