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Refrigerated Seafood Photo To Understand What Is Temperature Control For Food Handlers

What Is Temperature Control for Food Handlers?

Temperature control is not a term that most people think about in their daily life. However, if you work in the foodservice industry, it likely should be. Temperature control is just one of many things you must consider before serving food to the general public. Fortunately, it’s also something that anyone can learn about quickly […]
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New Server Wonders Does Texas Require A Food Handlers Card While Serving Patrons

Does Texas Require A Food Handlers Card?

When you’re a paying customer at a food service establishment, you always want to know that the food is safe. While that is never guaranteed, there’s one thing that can undoubtedly offer much-needed peace of mind – and that’s a food handlers card. However, some people are unsure of the rules as they can vary […]
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Server In Training Asking What Is A Food Handlers Card In Texas

What Is A Food Handlers Card?

If you are in the business of handling, processing, or serving food, then you may have heard of a food handlers card. This card, sometimes referred to as a permit, certificate, or license, is a necessary requirement for food and dining establishments to be able to operate lawfully. To get a food handlers card, employees, […]
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